Cost Breakdown for a Typical Site


The one time cost of designing the site

$70 per page


The cost to update the site (schedules etc...)

Billed at $30 per hour


The yearly cost to rent space on the internet

$5 per month
(domain name: $15)

A note about UPDATING:

The charge for maintaining and updating a website is billed hourly at the rate of $30 per hour. There is no minimum charge and you will only pay for time used. Some places will charge you monthly, whether or not you actually use your allotted updating time. Not us. Also be aware that most sites require little if any maintenance and updating. For instance, if you have an event calendar on your site and you need to update it regularly, then that would be a reason to include this feature.


The cost of $5 per month applies to sites containing less than 10 pages. Sites of 10 pages or more are billed at a flat rate of $100 per year.


Please call for the pricing breakdown on a site tailored to your actual needs.